Revivify Frequently asked questions

Of course we get questions about Revivify all the time. Below we have listed the most common questions we get when it comes to getting you the information you need about our Revivify product, our company and our customer support system. We are more than confident your questions will be answered below, if not please feel free to give us a call at (800) 940-8033 or email us at Support@revivifyauto.com

Vehicle Owners

Revivify Frequently asked questions

You can contact us about our products for more details. 

No, only a certified Revivify applicator can install Revivify Products. 

You can find the list of our Certified Installer in the “Revivify Applicator Locator” section on our webpage

Once the Revivify Coating has cured to the surface it is applied to, it is not required to apply wax or sealants to the Revivify coated surface. 

Polishes contain abrasive contents which will cause damage to the Revivify coating layer.  After the coating has been applied to the surface, compounding and polishing is not recommended and will start removing and thinning the Revivify coating. Only a certified Revivify applicator can offer these services. 

The longevity of the product will depend on the environment that the vehicle is mostly exposed to.  In order to achieve optimal performance, proper maintenance is necessary. 

The Revivify Coating is not invulnerable, but it will prevent light scratches and swirl marks from many types of washing and cleaning methods.  Our professional Self Healing products will continue to self heal for the life of the coating.

Similar to swirls and scratch marks, the coating will minimize the damage but it is not invulnerable.  Treating these contaminants correctly will ensure the surface stay slick for as long as possible.